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1, Nov 18, 2009

Holiday Season and Shopping in Material-Oriented Culture

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Yesterday, two monitors showed up at the same time because of a scheduling error. Since we only have one room for monitor and cannot put monitors from two companies in the same room, I placed one in my office, which turned out fine. That is, both got what they wanted and left happily. The one in my office was so happy that she took us to lunch at Cheese-cake factory.

Every time the topic moved into shopping, I found myself very much out of it. As I was sitting there and looked around, people all looked well-fed and clothed and in need of nothing. Yet, as holiday season is approaching, people at my office are still so enthusiastic about shopping, flipping through ads at break room and trying to find some good deals.

I told my daughter, not the first time though, Christmas shopping is not part of the tradition in our family. Holiday is the occasion for joy of family reunion, not a burden or excuse for spending and creating tons of holiday wastes. So was it before when they were small, so is it now, and so shall it be in the future. I remember so fondly how my daughter, almost 10 years ago, pitched in money at Salvation Army stands during holiday season. Every time she heard the bell, she stretched her arm and said, “Mom, money.”

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