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1, Nov 10, 2009

Another Evaluation of Work Place Culture

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I was asked to give my observations of the culture of our company. I started with some disclaimant to any observations, which include the following.

(1) What one observes is the culture of one department, which does not necessarily represent the whole companies.

(2) It is further restricted by the small scale of people that come into contact with one person on daily basis, which means this small scale is not representative of the whole department.

(3) Any personal perception is very much biased, thus very subjective and unreliable, taken with some reservation.

Keeping this in mind, here are my observations of our clinic:
(1) Most people at our clinic have the good intention of doing the right thing everyday. But that does not mean they actually do what they intend to do.

(2) People are overwhelmingly cheerful and happy with their work, as indicated by the scarcity of complaints.

(3) Most people are very strictly business-like and professional, especially the doctors who never waste breath talking with others.

(4) There are persistent isolated negative forces around some particular persons who tend to blame others, gossip behind people, deviate from the standard practice. Then, again, wherever there is social group, such forces are inevitable.

I throw out these observation, without expecting to be a tiny bit understood by whoever read it.

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