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1, Nov 28, 2009

Bad Economies and New Ways of Fund Raising

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While dining at a friend’s house on Thanksgiving evening, we talked about economies and how money was in short supply everywhere from college, to work place, and to government. From here, the topic moved to police fundraising efforts.

One guest told of this incident. When she was making a right turn on red light, she came to a full stop for a second or two. Not long enough. That earned her a ticket of nearly $200. She argued that she did bring her car to a full stop but was of no avail. Boy, she was so upset. Who wouldn’t?

Another guest told of an incident happened to his friend in Los Angeles. One evening, after he got on the highway, he just followed one car as he was heading home. After about 20 minutes, the car in front of him suddently stopped and started siren, sound and light. He stopped his car as the police approached him, asking him why he was following a police car. He said he did not recognize the car ahead was a police car and he was just going home. As he was explaining, a fine of $100 was written and handed to him. Way to rob an innocent person legitimately.

Another incident happened at the intersession of College and Antioch. Going westward on College, there is a steep downward slope right after the traffic light. It is so easy to run over the limit. Here a police once issued a fine of nearly $200 to one guest at the table.

I record these unfortunate losses so that readers will be wiser on the road.

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