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1, Oct 30, 2009

Openness –The Only Promise of American Society

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On 9/12/2009, one day after 9/11, an interesting event occurred in Washington DC. Taxpayer March on Washington of 9/12/09 is an amusing phenomenon, though rather expected one from conservative forces in the nation. It was expected because we are in the times of extreme economic hardships for many people, the best times for a leader of whatever kind to arouse discontent. It was said to have attracted 600,000 to 800,000 participants to Washington DC on that day.

Their positions are:
Down with Obama’s healthcare reform
Down with big government
Down with federal spending
Down with anything seemingly un-American
Down with almost anything the president proposes and represents…

The funny thing is we never see such a huge gathering when billions of dollars went down into war efforts like the two wars waged by Bush. Guess money spent killing Iraqis and others were worthwhile.

Obama has demonstrated the greatest political courage to fight for public welfare at the risk of losing the chance of winning second term of presidency. He gives full energy to causes that he believes, even if it could mean political suicide. That was a rarity in politics.

One salient redeeming feature of American society is its openness, allowing its door widely open to everybody around the world who are willing to give their best to America. That’s why America has garnered most of the Nobel Prizes. That’s why American political stage has the largest non-white representation among white-dominated western nations. It counterbalances the conservative and reactionary forces in American culture. This is the only promise of American society, not the 9/12 Taxpayer March or anything of this nature. Otherwise, America will go downhill at a much faster speed than the Roman Empire.

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