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1, Oct 10, 2009

Some Thought-Provoking Cancer Facts

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Cancers of the colon and rectum, which are related to diet and lifestyle, are rare in developing countries, but are the second most frequent malignancy in affluent societies. Now think twice next time you indulge yourself in American fast food.

The proportion of breast cancer deaths is far higher in the rich countries (2 per cent of all female deaths) than in economically poor countries (0.5 percent). Overweight is one of the explanations.

Research shows that individuals from medically under-served populations — a lack of health care coverage and low socioeconomic status (SES) — are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage cancers that might have been treated more effectively or cured if diagnosed earlier. One’s SES includes mostly a person’s income, education level, occupation, social status in the community and where that person lives. SES, more than race or ethnicity, predicts the likelihood of an individual’s or a group’s access to education, certain occupations, health insurance, and living conditions— including conditions where exposure to environmental toxins is most common—all of which are associated with the risk of developing and surviving cancer.

Per 100,000 men and women, of cancer of all sites, African Americans have the highest cancer incidence and death rate (504.1 and 238.8); American Indians have the lowest cancer incidence rate (297.6); Asian/Pacific islander has the lowest of death rate (115.5).

We might understand people with least stress in their lives enjoy the lowest cancer incidence. They might be least exposed to environmental toxins and chemicals. People concentrated in lower social level suffer the highest of both cancer disease and mortality. But how do we explain the fact the Asian/Pacific islander has the lowest of cancer death rate?

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have the highest incidence rates for both liver and stomach cancer and are twice as likely to die from these cancers as Whites.

White American females have the highest breast cancer incident rate, while African American females have highest breast cancer death rate.

Well, are we supposed to learn something now?

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