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1, Oct 12, 2009

Skating, Goal-Setting, and Reaching Your Major Goals

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Yesterday afternoon, right before my daughter started skating, I asked her to set a goal for this practice session. I was thinking of my 10/7 posting on “Task-Oriented vs Time Oriented.” I asked her to focuse on one particular task as her goal for that afternoon. After an hour’s practice she came out of the rink, feeling a bit frustrated over her lack of progress. I could see the same pattern reappear — practice, frustration, practice again, … finally giving up.

I told her life could be seen as a constant process of goal-setting, reaching, re-setting, and reaching again. That is how we progress and how we jump and leap to a higher order of existence. Failure to reach your goal or giving up half-way without reaching the destination, even if it is a minor one, is very symbolic and significant. Because if you do not have the steel in your character to carry you through a minor goal, how can you expect to achieve something big? In fact, these daily minor goals are like the building block for the bigger goal in life. The accumulated effect of minor failure will lead to a major one. Don’t take it lightly, no matter how minor it may seem.

My children are all very familiar with a person that I have told them many times. He started Ph.D program the same time as I did in 1986, but gave it up after spending 11 years on it. You can make it a classic example of many things — procrastination, lack of self-discipline, poor time management, lack of efficient study method, and failure in goal-setting. I am sure he would have a totally different result if he had set goals and followed them through religiously.

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