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1, Oct 2, 2009

Advice to Working Moms

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I read it somewhere years ago. I don’t remember the details and I don’t even remember if I have posted this before. Even if I have, I still feel obligated to share some key points that are still stuck in my head. Here are these main points.

(1) You are not superhuman. Don’t try to do it all, at home or at work. Say “I cannot do it” or “I don’t know how to do it” in order to excuse yourself from as much duties as possible, especially at home.

(2) No matter how busy you are, never miss the BIG THREE things: eat healthy, sleep well and exercise daily.

(3) Manage your time well — listing and prioritizing.

(4) Spend as much time as possible with the children.

(5) Never miss a chance to grab a book and read with your children.

(6) Finally, my best-kept trick is — do as less housework as you can get by because housework is endless and back-breaking.

If you wait till you finish all the chores, you will find yourself miserable — doing it all the time and leaving no time for children and for yourself. Pretty soon you will hate this life of domestic servant, unpaid and unappreciated. How not darling!

1, Oct 1, 2009

Parenting and Public Service First and Politics Last

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Baby, you’ve come a long way
Here’s a song that I once heard while I was in China.
Song of Five star Red flag
Happy October the first — China’s National Day! 60th birthday of People’s Republic of China 1949 — 2009, still a young republic.

Occasionally I touch topics on public figures and public service. Make no mistake I am by no means condemning any politician or political party. My sole intention has been and will always be showing to my children, hoping they will be able to avoid such public misbehavior.

I believe inexperienced people are more likely to incur a life-long regret simply out of one tiny inattentive oversight or a slip of tongue. When such simple slip plays into the hands of one’s political adversaries, it could be used as powerful political ammunition to totally sabotage one’s agenda. And in the case of Obama, the healthcare for all Americans heads the list of his agenda. In Chinese, one suffers the loss of a major because of a minor — yin xiao shi da. This, as a parent, is what I want my children to learn.

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