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1, Oct 8, 2009

Hurrah for Rio — Hosting Olympic Games

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An unwise move again by our President.
Perhaps the President was caught in a Catch-22 situation as whether or not he should go to Denmark for his Chicago or maybe he over-estimated his political stardom or personal charm, whichever he believes that he possesses, when he and his wife made such a high-profiled personal appeal at Denmark for his Chicago hosting. Even if the world sees him in a more favorable light than the previous president, people outside the US has not forgotten what the US has done in the past 8 years. And no one person can erase the undesirable image that the US is enduring now among international community.

I was hoping Chicago would be kicked out and Rio would win when I learned of the President’s appearance in Copenhagen. I thought the trip was an unwise step, even if he felt he had to go for political expedience. I was wondering if he had already known that this trip was so futile, like a waste move in a chess game. If anything, this president is very flexible and resilient. He seems very capable of bouncing back after each faux pas. Probably he had no other choice, politically.

Ability to host the game is like the symbol of a country’s political and economic status and approval rate by world community. It means so much to a country that has never hosted before. It’s like coming of age, being accepted, the kind of feeling that US does not really appreciate.

It is a privilege rewarded by an international organization, which US deserved nothing of this kind. If anything, by denying Chicago, IOC sent a clear message of disapproval of US past behavior, two wars over UN rsolution and environmental records.

OMG, I sound so unpardonly unpatriotic. Oh well, let truth be.

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