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1, Oct 6, 2009

Exercise Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausals

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From my reading — Researchers say moderate-to-vigorous exercise may cut breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women.

The UK’s Daily Mail (10/1) reports, “A daily dose of housework could cut the risk of breast cancer,” according to a study appearing in BMC Cancer. For the study, investigators surveyed over “110,000 postmenopausal women to rate their activity levels at different ages.” They found that “women in the group who had done more than seven hours a week of moderate-to-vigorous exercise were less likely to develop breast cancer than inactive women.”

In fact, data indicated that “women who stay fit and physically active after the menopause are 17 percent less likely to develop the disease than those who rarely leave the sofa.” But, “light exercise in later life did not help, nor did exercise at younger ages.” The researchers speculated that “exercise may affect hormones in a way that helped prevent breast cancer.”

Take the report this way — exercise at any age will in general make you less likely to be victim of breast cancer.

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