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1, Oct 11, 2009

Charting Through the Uncharted Path

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Yesterday morning I drove my daughter to Union Station for another Saturday monthly science seminar. The topic is on wind power, a comprehensive approach to delivering affordable energy to Kansas City, a look at wind power vs other forms of energy by Joe Medina from KCPL. Very interesting lecture!

After the lecture I drove my daughter from Union Station to her volunteer work. From Pershing and Main to somewhere east of 435 highway I drove through streets and neighborhoods which I had never been before. Good thing I was not alone. I said to my daughter sitting in the back, “It gives me an uneasy feeling to wade through the unfamiliar place. I feel sort of uncomfortable seeing the new surroundings.” She did not share my sentiment, which is a good thing, considering our age difference.

A Chinese saying goes “gu tu nan li” — It is hard for one to leave the place where one has lived for a long time. The saying not only emphasizes the attachment one develops to a familiar location, but also implies another part of it, the hardship of breaking out of one’s comfort zone to enter into the unknown, the one I just mildly experienced. It takes certain degree of mind power and initiative to rough through the process.

I remember the 26-year-old nephew recalled painfully how miserable he was in the first three months of his stay in the US, living with a non-Chinese roommate. He started feeling comfortable after he moved in with three Chinese students. One would think young people fare well in adapting to new environments. Not automatically. One does need something extra, regardless of age, to make a comfortable adjustment.

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