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1, Sep 11, 2009

When They Tried to Checkmate Chinese Leaders

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911 global alarm! 8 years after 911. Who counts how many Iraqis and Afghan lives have been lost because of 911? And there is no stop of it in these two countries now, thanks to God-loving America-backed Bush administration! If anything, 911 provided Bush an excuse to go killing rampage in their unrelentless oil quest.

I read this documentary book lately, Tiananmen Paper: The Chinese Leadership’s Decision to Use Force Against Their Own People — In Their Own Words, compiled by Zhang Liang, edited by Andrew Nathan, written 12 years after the 1989 Tiananmen demonstration. After the lapse of these years, participants in the movement must have cooled down and started reflecting upon the futility of this event.

The compiler of this document fully realized that the failure of the movement was inevitable, that “the arrival of democracy in China will have to depend on people in China,” that “the building of democracy in China has to depend on forces rooted inside China” instead of outside. A fair judgment on the purposeless and good-for-nothing activity.

It does not point out directly that the students tried to capitalize on the occasion of Mikhail Gorbachev’s visit and the gathering of major international news media in Beijing.

They thought they could checkmate the Chinese leaders, even with the threat of hunger strike, making the Chinese leaders lose face in front of global media, only to force the leaders to come out with force. I must admit that the all governments use iron fists to deal with any disruptive forces and Chinese government is still no match to American force in Iraq, having killed tens of thousands and many more.

Among others, the students demanded the top Chinese leaders should move out of Zhongnanhai and turn it into a public park, Mao Zedong’s body should be removed from Tiananmen Square and that Square should be turned into a place like London’s Hyde Park. p. 109. So much lovely baby whining. They sincerely believed the Chinese leaders would do what they were asked to. Come on, this is Beijing, not London. Do we have to be westernized to that extent?

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