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1, Sep 22, 2009

Universal truth or Unbelievable Perversion

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Last weekend a friend of mine sent to me the following as “universal truth.” Something must be wrong here. What happened to the values that we parents use to brainwash our youngsters? Like emphasis on reading, study and honest hard work? How can they make friends without drinking or become famous legally? I am confused, still I remain stubbonly old-fashioned and I shall not be otherwise. Here’s the translation.

People make friends through drinking,
–find lovers at dancing balls,
–make enemies at gambling table,
–become a crazy man at stock market,
–turn into celebrities through cheating or any illegal activities,
–end up a mere mediocre after honest work,
–are perceived as a wise person via IM,
–book-reading makes one idiotic,
–public service transforms one into rich being,
–remain a poor soul after a life of hard work.

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  1. I heard people in China saying that no businessman can get rich without cheating on taxes. I also heard people talking about how teachers and professors get rich by receiving “envelops” (under-the-table-money) for educational programs and research projects. Problems of corruption will only get worse if China does not solve the crisis in belief system.

    “Communism” has different connotation at different times. Our parent’s generation has solid beliefs in communism in that they are willing to sacrifice personal interest for the goodness of people of the world. In old days, Communist Party members were models of kindness and selflessness moral character. Nowadays, joining in the Communist Party is considered, for many people, as a bridge to power and wealth.

    In American capitalist society, the teaching of social justice, fairness, and ethics of human relationships at schools and community churches balance the teaching of the principles of individualism. China is learning capitalist economy and improving people’s material life, but China has a long way to a more civilized society where people enjoy higher quality of psychological well being.

    Comment by Xiaoqin — 1, Sep 22, 2009 @ 4:17 pm

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