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1, Sep 5, 2009

Two Men with Two Different Attitudes and Aspirations

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I know of two men with vast difference in personality and aspiration. One is around 30, the other in mid-50, a generation apart in age. You would expect the younger one has more drive and ambition while the old one is more laid-back, accepting, and reconciling ideal with reality. Well, the opposite is true.

The young one is my co-worker, going about his days without any personal agenda, engaging in small talks like school girls whenever opportunity is found, commanding nothing but jokes, as if his whole life is a standing joke that fails to entertain. The older man, whom I have known back in China Daily before I left for America, just earned his MBA and decided to quit his current job, embark on a new path on his own. He is full of ideas and energy and ready to roll up his sleeves and plunge into action. “I admire your courage to beat out at this point of your life,” was what I told him.

For some reason, the older man did not start out in his 30s. Yet, it is never too late to start doing what you want. After all, we only have one life to live. Why not make most of it?

I can hear back in my head some people would say “That man won’t get somewhere at his age.” I would think the man in his mid-50 leads a much richer and interesting life than the younger one. At least he goes about life with goals to pursue and ideas to cherish.

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