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1, Sep 21, 2009

The Under-representation of Chinese in American Politics — Yes or No?

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Last Saturday we went to a friend’s house for a dinner gathering with a group of Chinese, all professionals from local companies and universities, wealthy and content, well-fed and luxuriously-housed. Some have children in college, some still in grade school, and some others already retired with grandchildren.

I know there is a large Chinese population in Greater Kansas City Area, yet there is next-to-zero political voice from Chinese community, if there is such a community. While sitting among a group of Chinese and listening to the passionate conversation on topics like food, stocks, real estate and all kinds of wonderful money-making mechanism, I thought of politics and ceased to wonder why Chinese are under-represented in American politics.

Chinese are such a peace-loving plus money-loving people, beyond this is beyond their dear care. I would look like a total idiot if I brought up topic like healthcare and Obama. With all the good food in front of me, I’d better waste no time thinking and wondering, just feasting myself as much as I could.

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