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1, Sep 25, 2009

The Most Bizarre Murder Case Perpetrated by a Mother

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More than two years have passed since Rekha Kumari-Baker of Britain stabbed to death both of her innocent daughters, 16 and 13 years old, while they were sleeping in their beds, in retaliation to the mal-treatment of her ex-husband, David Baker. The shocking murder happened on 13 June 2007. She hated her husband so much that she stabbed at her two lovely daughters, 36-39 times each, making them real scapegoats for their father.

Though the killer mother has been recently found guilty, questions are lingering in people’s mind as to the ultimate reason behind this extremity of crime. What had happened to drive her into such an outrageous frenzy murder. I can see the going-on in the mind of David Baker — “I can treat you like a dog and you can do nothing about it.” But he underestimated his ex-wife’s havoc-wreaking ability.

This reminds me of Susan Smith who took the lives of her young children on the night of October 25, 1994, the date before my daughter came along. I am afraid most people now have either forgot it or never heard of it. My daughter, upon reading it, called them “the cruelest murder.”

A wise man knows not to hurt the mother of his child if he truly loves his child. A wise mother knows no matter what happens to her, the protection of her children is forever her priority. Alas, wise men are rare to find just as hysteric women are too often seen.

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