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1, Sep 1, 2009

Success in High School and Beyond

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I talked to one of my sisters in Beijing about high school in America and how much my son had changed during these 4 years. In fact, he emerged a different person after these years, being transformed from a shy preteen boy to a confident young adult. Many of these activities involved dealing with people of all levels.

Now that my daughter started high school, I reviewed with her what her brother did during his high school. To be sure, study took only a fraction of his time. His crazy high school days, which ended in May 2007, included the following.

Volunteer work
work on internet business
Chinese tutoring
clubs activities and responsibilities
various competitions
orchestra concerts
SAT, ACT, PSAT and AP exams
friend hangouts
and study

My son planned a lot better than the average high school students, which must be one of the factors that placed him above the average. Still, I remember he often ran out of time. In fact, time management was a big issue at that time. He always felt there were so much to do and so little time.

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