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1, Sep 4, 2009

Self-reflection of the CEO of our practice

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I was touched when I read the writing by our company’s CEO in our newsletter. He went to a self-improvement class, did some readings, then came back with a series of self-question-without-answers on his own performance. He concluded with this, “I’m not sure if I succeed more than fail, but I know I have opportunities to do better.” So humbly and nicely written.

He reminds me of one characteristic of an outstanding leader — humbleness. No matter how accomplished a person is, people won’t buy it if he/she acts or talks big.

One negative example is provided by our president Obama. When he called police acted stupidly, he actually turned away many of his former supporters, with his power of arrogance.

When we focus our eyes on opportunities to do better instead of on our past glories, we find anything else irrelevant.

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