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1, Sep 13, 2009

Remember the Hardships of the Past to Appreciate the Happiness of the Present

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The day before the birthday of the other adult in the family, I always remind the children to say “Happy birthday.” It always makes the day very special when my son calls to send birthday wish. Sometimes a few words can work wonder. It is the thought that counts, though the thought and its expression cost nothing.

On the late evening of 8/27/2009, about 11:30 PM, before my daughter went to sleep, I told her that ever since her brother was born, I had always been sleep-deprived. I had to work against time, beating deadline, keenly aware of the scarcity of time, so much so that I had to pick and choose what activities that I would engage whenever I got a second. Among them, house-cleaning was the least concern of mine, which brought constant grumbles in the family. For so many years, I have built up great tolerance for mess, chaos, and general disorder that I often find myself in.

My daughter asked, “Couldn’t you hire a nanny?”
“That was expensive. Remember we were graduate students?” I told her.
“Can you borrow some money from grandma?” again she asked. Indeed, she thought people in China were rich after she saw two of her cousins came here in recent years.
“Back 20 years ago, people in China didn’t have money neither,” I explained.
“Then how could they live if they didn’t have money?” she asked.
“They had money for basic living expense but not anything extra to send us,” said I.
“Oh …”

This is one of the moments that I shared my past experience with my children so that they would appreciate more what they have today. In Chinese, it is called “yi gu si tian,” which is translated into the title of this posting. Actually, the Chinese meaning goes something like this, “Recall the bitterness of the Past. Reflect the sweetness of the present.”

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