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1, Sep 20, 2009

Parents’ Nightmare with a Promising Young Life Ending in a Yale Lab

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We all heard of the 9/8/09 death of Annie Le, 24-year-old Yale graduate, which happened 5 days before her planned wedding to her college boyfriend. She was found stuffed in the wall of a research center, having been suffocated to death. We might never know what exactly happened during the last moment of her life. For a parent, it doesn’t matter how a child dies because the weight of this fact is too heavy to bear.

At first, it came as a shock when it happened in an institution of such a high prestige with heavy layer of campus safety and extra “three levels of security to get into the basement of the lab building, including two swipes of a security card.” It happened even when the victim was cautious and trying to avoid becoming “yet another statistic.”

The murder reminds people of the death of Suzanne Jovin, the 21-year-old German Yale senior brutally murdered in 1998. Her death remains unsolved homicide cold case. We are not sure if this one is going to be one of the cold cases.

What can we say of these levels of security? If anything, they only provide an illusion of security, relaxing our vigilance, making people believe all is well within a secured place. I talked to my daughter, “There is absolutely no security every time you find yourself alone with another almost-a-stranger male. Do not harbor any illusion of security even with 10 levels.” Then the question still remains — how can we parents adequately prepare our children for college with violent crime like this?

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