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1, Sep 24, 2009

Enjoy Activities Around Children

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Today is Thursday, the day before Friday, the day of piano lesson.
After her art class moved to Wednesday evening, my daughter started participating in a volunteer activity on Saturday morning. Besides art class on Wednesday evening, she has piano lesson on Thursday evening, figure-skating on Friday evening, and work with her coach on Sunday afternoon. Most of the Chinese children here have at least one music and one sport lesson, some having art lesson. Busy schedule.

When I hear some people saying it was too much for parents to run around children, I think of the fact that neither parents nor the children are having easy time with these activities. Let’s just view it as an inseparable part of growing pain. Worry not and complain not. Keep in mind this –your children will soon leave home before you wake up to it. Enjoy their company and appreciate their efforts while they are around you. Parents, hang on there. Life is tough for them, too.

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