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1, Sep 28, 2009

A Good Essay is very Important to College Application

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Since last week, I have been working with one of my children on essay writing, as part of SAT preparation. As a Chinese saying goes, a piece of writing is like its writer, wen ru qi ren. In other word, writing reveals its author. That’s why a good essay is also extremely helpful in college application.

There are some basic rules:
(1) There must be a central theme, which is like a thread going through all the beads in your whole writing. Determine your theme first and stick to it.

(2) Before anything else, brainstorm yourself and come out with as ideas as possible. Ideas enable you to expound your theme in various different ways. Without ideas, your writing is like a well without water.

(3) Organize your thoughts so that the theme stands out and the whole piece is coherent and well-organized. Cross out all the irrelevant ideas, however dear they may seem to you.

(4) The only sure way to improve your writing is to practice and practice.

Take for example my 9/26 posting, state the theme first, next think of what a doctor would say, then how a patient would think about doctors now, last count the damage to medical profession. Lastly, imagine yourself as a doctor, if you feel up to.

To be sure, your writing must surpass by a large margin whatever written on this site if you are serious about getting somewhere, someday. Good luck.

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