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1, Sep 19, 2009

A Dear Lesson That Does Not Cost Dearly

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My daughter had her braces removed on 9/3/2009. After that she is supposed to wear a retainer full time, which is to keep the moved teeth in their new places. I told her again and again not to place retainer on a napkin. Instead, place it in her case when she is not wearing it. On 9/15, she called from school telling me that she had by accident thrown into trash can her retainer, a cost of a few hundred dollars in less than two weeks.

I rushed to her school, trying to salvage it, but too late. I made an appointment for the next day to get a replaced one. But as a lesson for her, I insisted on her paying for the replacement, which she agreed. During the office visit the next day, her doctor, upon learning that she herself had to pay for her retainer, asked,

“How are you paying for it?”
“I will find a job,” she said.
“Oh, I’m sorry for you. You know what, I’m going to give you a discount this time. You will only pay $50. But if you lose it again, you have to pay it all by yourself,” the kind doctor said.
“Thank you,” my daughter said with all smiles on her face.

It means 80% saving. Only it took me three trips out of office for this accident. Still I am glad it turns out this way and also happy that she learns a dear lesson that doesn’t cost dearly.

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