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1, Jul 4, 2009

When the Little hands Reach Out For You, Do not Turn Away

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Yesterday evening I talked with a friend of mine over the phone for a long time, well longer than half a hour. Her mother passed away quite unexpectedly, without having seen her. She was deeply regretful for not having spent more time with her before her departure. There were many things that she could have done with her mother but she had not.

This brings to my mind many things in life that we could have done but we did not. After that, we simply cannot turn back the clock and start from the beginning once more. For example, while the children are home with you, spend some times with them instead of leaving them alone. Yes, they will live no matter what. But your life will be richer with less regret if you can be with your child as long as you can.

About a year ago, 6/30/2008, I posted a little poem, Enjoy Your Turn. Parents, when the little hand reach out for you, please do not turn away, because the time will come sooner than you realize when “you become the one reaching out for that once upon a child!”

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