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1, Jul 8, 2009

Politics, Public Service, What is Needed to Be a Successful Politician? Part 1

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It always takes a few days for me to bounce back after my son’s leaving. While my son and I were walking and talking, the topic moved into politics. There are many popular conceptions or misconceptions about politicians, as being ambitious, power-hungry, megalomaniac, with oversize ego, not all flattering though. In fact, politicians are seldom viewed as great as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, though they should be this way.

As an idealist, I believe the first and foremost indispensable quality that a politician should possess is an unshakable sense of justice and an absolute dedication to public service and the welfare of the great majority of people. A successful politician must be passionate about what he truly believes, like the current US president.

Character building and personal integrity are extremely important. We have plenty of examples of politicians with flawed character. Look at Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina, then the famous Lewinsky scandal that tortured Bill Clinton, and see how Nixion disgracefully went down history with Watergate scandal.

So colorful and dramatic.

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