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1, Jul 19, 2009

Time Management Tools at Leadership Workshop Part 2

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Explanation on the tasks in Action-Priority Matrix. See post on 7/18.
(1) “Major projects” are tasks that are high impact and in need of serious effort.
(2) “Quick wins” are jobs that are also high impact but less effort. A easy piece of cake.
(3) “Hard slogs” are jobs that need lots of time and energy without much significance.
(4) “Fill Ins” are things that we do when we have nothing urgent on hand.

The problem with many people is they tend to postpone job number 1 and 3 as much as they can or they will tackle it till last second, the moment before deadline. That is how procrastination comes in. It seems I am not the only one who tend to dodge hard work.

Those who are experts in wasting time tend to spend their prime time on Fill Ins. For some people, it is very tempting to focus their energy on Fills Ins and Quick Wins. If you think it so dumb to spend time on minors, take a hard look at the pattern of your own time-spending.

Now you know why we always get behind, feel pushed by deadline and where our prime time has gone, and why we need to manage time in order to get as much tough task done as possible.

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