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1, Jul 25, 2009

Thou Shall Not Steal and The Rabbis Turned Criminals

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CBS, July 23, 2009 3:58 PM, “Thou Shall Not Steal: Rabbis Masterminded Money Laundering Ring, Say Feds,” posted by Neil Katz, updated 6:26 p.m. CT, Thurs., July 23, 2009, “44 arrested in N.J. corruption probe Suspects include rabbis, mayors; probe involved black-market kidneys.” By AP., Friday, July 24, 2009; 6:40 AM, “Officials lambaste NJ corruption after 44 arrested,” by DAVID PORTER, The Associated Press.

New York Times, “44 Charged by U.S. in New Jersey Corruption Sweep, Agents led suspects from F.B.I. headquarters in Newark on Thursday. The inquiry began with questions on money laundering,” by David M. Halbfinger, 7/23/2009.

BBC news, “US corruption probe nets dozens, More than 40 people, including politicians, officials and several rabbis have been arrested in a major FBI operation in the US. Three hundred agents raided dozens of locations in New Jersey and New York as part of a 10-year probe into corruption and money laundering.”

What happened to the politicians and religious leaders? Not close enough to law or to God? Not really. To be sure, it must be large enough to catch so much national or even global attention. The disturbing part is the offenders are supposed to exemplify their own moral teachings. The fact they knowingly transgressed the force of law and the teaching of their Bible makes the transgression especially unpardonable.

How can we explain the downfall of these powerful persons? Is it because the power of money is too great to resist even to these religious leaders? If that is the case, I am shuddered at the thought that my children someday in the future might be exposed to such temptation. Then again, with my constant nagging, I am sure my children know better than getting themselves into such a huge disgrace.

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