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1, Jul 29, 2009

Sarkozy, Vasovagal Episode, and Running

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Last weekend 54-year-old French President Nicolas Sarkozy suffered a vasovagal episode, collapsing while jogging after 45 minutes of intense physical activity in hot weather in Versailles. To be sure, vasovagal syncope – a nerve condition in which exhaustion and dehydration can lead to a loss of consciousness due to a loss of blood pressure. Luckily he did not reach the point of losing consciousness.

The incident makes me think of my children, both of them are very into exercise, keeping fit and in shape. As a worried parent, I feel compulsive to share some points on exercise with the readers. Keep in mind this — running offers more health benefits than risks. We only need to avoid some risks that running might pose.

(1) Avoid dehydration from heat and perspiration during exercise.
(2) Avoid extreme weather. You double-torture your body under extreme conditions. Exercise does not have to be a torture.
(3) Avoid over-exertion of yourself. When you don’t feel up to the task, either slow down or wait till you feel capable. You will have to pay heavy price for over-charging your body. For people of all ages, never over-stretch yourself. Even in exercise, moderation is the gold.
(4) Warm up and down so that your heart rate, blood supply and muscles have time to adjust to the level of demand. Slowly pick up speed and slowly slow down.

By the way, I like this soaring dove in real blue sky, thanks to Sarkozy.

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