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1, Jul 20, 2009

Respect – An Indispensable Ingredient in Any Good Relationship

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My friend from North Carolina and I took a long walk yesterday evening, talking about many things relating to human interactions.

She told me how she and her husband dated and got to know each other. One thing that strikes me as essential to their successful relationship is the respect and admiration that the husband demonstrates for the wife. Upon learning stories of her past experience, he said my friend was a super marvelous woman. I could imagine someone hearing the same story could say “That’s nothing comparing to this or that.” You can also say lack of respect and the rudeness are the factors that can lead to failed relations.

While respect is indispensable to wife-husband relationship, I see it as the key ingredient in all human interactions and relationship, including that of parent-children and between friends. Once I observed the treatment of a friend of my daughter’s. The way she was treated by her mother was almost humiliatingly disrespectful. I would not be surprised if the girl rebelled when she became a teenager.

I always emphasize to my children the importance of respectful language and sincere respect for others, especially to those dearest to them. Nowadays respect and sincerity are so woefully lacking in families, as I hear disrespectful words thoughtlessly thrown in the air.

Here’s to my children the same old teaching once again — imagine how you would feel if someone told you to “Stop farting” (in Chinese language, this is a nasty way of saying “shut up”) or “Don’t talk rubbish.” I bet you would feel hurt, right? Therefore, never ever hurt other people with foul language, friends or relatives or anyone.

P.S. one strong point that we remember our father is we had never heard him utter any hurtful word to anybody. He was simply too kind to hurt anybody. Isn’t it a beautiful world if everybody were like this? Not happening in reality.

7/21, I came upon this quote today, too nice not to share it with my dear readers and hopefully my children will read it someday. ” Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless” -Mother Teresa

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