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1, Jul 7, 2009

Remember We All Left Home for a Purpose

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Yesterday afternoon the whole family drove to the airport to send my son off. My daughter did not go skating in the afternoon in order to spend more time with her brother. At the airport, I asked my daughter to take a picture of me with my son. After saying goodbye, we left for home. My daughter looked cheerless and I felt equally downcast. So I told my daughter, “Your brother left home for a purpose, so do we staying here.” She sensed that I tried to cheer her up, so she asked, “Are you talking to me?” as if she did not need to be comforted. Actually I was also telling myself.

I told my son that 1/4 century ago I left his grandparents for America, a land of thousands of miles away, the separation and the sacrifice on both sides were painful, yet for a purpose, whatever that purpose was. I was then young and stupid, still I made this decision, believing I could achieve something better and bigger if I ventured out. In a way, by choosing to go out of the state for his higher education, he is in the same situation as I was 25 years ago, only he is not as far as I was from my parents and he has been well guided and prepared than I was before.

I am sure all parents feel the painful separation each time their children leave home. For me, a sense of purpose can help extenuate the pain and make both sides strong and focused.

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