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1, Jul 9, 2009

What is Needed to Be a Successful Politician? Part 2

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Having a sense of justice and a heart like Jesus are far from enough to make you a successful politician. Just look at Al Gore. He had all the good intentions and knowledge to do wonder for the whole world by protecting our beloved Mother Nature, nothing being more noble than this. So sad when this noble man failed.

In the end, the one who grabbed the white house had the supports of all the conservative forces, the backbone of American culture. An acquaintance of mine said, “I vote for Bush because he is against gay marriage.” Big deal, yes bigger than global warming. That’s what the average Americans care about. Jimmy Carter with a heart of gold was beaten by an actor and a great communicator, no need for high IQ.

Presidents of a “democratic country” are similar to folk heroes, representing the core values of those who elect him (never a her). You have to adjust or even sacrifice yourself in order to make it work in American politics. For example, a politician must lower himself to the same level of the popular mind or stoop to cater to the taste and culture of mainstream America. This is too much a sacrifice for a person of integrity.

Political arena is a huge real-life stage, on which it is very hard for a politician to remain true to himself. Recently we see an exception to this rule — the coming of Al Franken, the junior United States Senator from Minnesota. Watch this guy. He will make difference in American political life.

In fact, this is an interesting period of American politics with many unique actors. Of course, the main actor of this kind is the current president. Stay tuned for more excitements to come.

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