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1, Jul 2, 2009

A Disappointment at the Local Bookstore

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Last weekend, 6/28-29, as I sent my daughter to Border’s, my eyes caught a red-covered eye-catching book right as I entered the door. I was wondering what kind of book Borders was promoting now. The title of the book, Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, (Stephanie Plum Novels) (Hardcover) by Janet Evanovich, list price: $27.95. Thinking it must be a worth reading, I took it up and started reading.

I must admit I feel both disappointed and a bit cheated, disappointed over the level of taste of folks at this Border’s, a reflection of the popular taste of folks in our area, cheated for wasting time on reading it. I feel like having visited a land filled with stinky garbage. I must stop here before I spurt out any unpleasant comments.

Finally, here’s something to brighten the day. According to Aristotle, those who can only follow orders are slaves. More accurately in modern term, those who can only follow orders have a slave mentality. Isn’t that horrible! Think of this everytime you follow orders issued to you.

I love reading, so do my friends

1, Jul 1, 2009

Money — Number One Cause of Divorce in America

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Can’t believe half of the year has gone!

Last weekend I was reading the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by Harv Eker, 2005. There is an interesting statement in the book. It is something like this, statistics showed that number one cause of divorce in America was money. Also see part of this article: “Why money is the leading cause of divorce”,

This reminds me of an incident happened last weekend in my household. My son will come back for the coming long weekend. Since the other adult let his nephew drive my son’s car to his school, I said we needed to get the car back for my son. The other adult said, “How can we do this after we gave it to him? If our son needs to drive, he can drive my car and I can walk to the office.”

I have no doubt it would trigger conflicts if it happened in some families.

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