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1, Jul 16, 2009

Lyndon B. Johnson — Personality and Success

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LBJ was otherwise a great president and a high achiever, associated with many wonderful things, such as,
–the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the most comprehensive and far-reaching legislation of its kind in American history,
–War on Poverty,
–Great Society,
–Job Corps for the unemployed,
–Medicare and Medicaid,
–urban development,
–environmental conservation
–consumer protection,
–department of transportation,
–environmental protections laws — clean air and water
–food stamp law,
–the Head Start program for preschool children; ESEA first time pouring federal money into public schools
–Voting Rights Act (1965), which outlawed the literacy tests and other devices used to prevent African Americans from voting;

He was a brilliantly practical politician — ambitious, competent, practical, and visionary, and a domstic success.

The difficulties with him came more from his domineering personality and his involvement with unpopular Vietnam War. He was known for his abrasive personality — grandiose, overbearing, inability to create a trust among those who worked for him, making it difficult for people to work for him.

It is almost tragic to see the flaws in his character, though of different kind from those of Nixon and Bill Clinton. I have not a slightest doubt that these presidents had all the good intentions of doing the best job on their position. We only wish to see them impossibly flawless. Meanwhile, let’s drink to our dearest hearts and try to learn something from these people. At least, we know it is not pleasant to be around people with abrasive personality.

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