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1, Jul 15, 2009

JOB Means Just Over Broke

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I just learned a new acronym today. JOB = Just Over Broke. For quite a few Americans, a job mean JOB when they live from paycheck to paycheck without any savings. Once they lose the job, they are literally broke, bankrupt, destitute, down-and-out indigent! Sooo terribly sad.

Last weekend, a friend of mine called telling me that her 14-year-old daughter had been babysitting since last year and had saved $1,500. She asked her mom where to invest this savings. I am very much impressed. I don’t know what to say. She has more economic sense than some of adult American friends that I know of.

By the way, sometimes I see the term indigent stamped in a patient’s medical record cover, which means no money and no insurance. How many choices of treatment can an indigent cancer patient have? Not many.

On Monday, on the way home from the skating place, my daughter and another Chinese girl were chatting all the way. The topic was how much money they would make in the future. One said one million, the other said over two million. I was too tired to join the conversation, much as I wanted to. I am sure my daughter and her generation will never know the experience of JOB if they ever learn something from the current economic bitterness.

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