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1, Jul 14, 2009

How People Relate to Each Other Throughout Generations

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Last weekend I sent a picture of my children to four of my friends. To be sure, they are far from having a star-look. Rather, they are just normal looking kids. Still, they are very much dear to me because they have been such wonderful kids.

Last weekend my daughter helped me with some kitchen work, upon my request. She was so glad to have helped, asking me “Why didn’t you ask my help earlier?” as if I had not done so before.

Yesterday I felt a bit under the weather, my daughter insisted that I went to bed and let her prepare the vegetable.

I talked to a friend of mine last week over the phone. She is remarried with an American living in east coast. She said there would not be anyone to read if she wrote because she did not have any kids. In other word, I write because of my children. So nice of her to bring it up to me.

True, children means many things to one’s life. On the one hand, they mean responsibilities, cost, and your time, plenty of them on the parents’ part. On the other hand, they are endless well of joy and blessings. Yet, you won’t be able to enjoy their presence if you have not done a good job in parenting. Remember Esmie Tseng? Again, as always, reap what you sow. See this.
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I am thinking of the kind of role model, legacy, and memory that I want to leave to my children everyday. They are behind every thought of mine in my decision-making. The thought of them dwarfs all other trivial things and minor annoyances, making them seem so irrelevant and so unworthy of my attention.

See how important the children are in my life. That’s how people connect to each other generation after generation. Don’t tell me I don’t have a life of my own. My life has already been made million times richer because of them.

By the way, my son will visit relatives in China as he is the only grandson in his paternal side and has thus been specially valued. Yes, that’s another way of how generations are related.

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