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1, Jul 6, 2009

Endless Opportunities to Do Good and Make Difference

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For my daughter, today is the first day of second session of summer school. My son will leave for Georgia in the afternoon. I take the day off today.

While taking a walk with my son, we talked extensively on his career goal, short-term and long-term plans, his current startup engagement, character-building, reading and writing. I emphasized once again that success is the means to an end and this end should be bigger than oneself. It is crucially important to link his career goal to this big cause.

He knows he should make contributions to the mankind, yet he does not know that we don’t need to wait till we become rich and famous to do good. If you feel strongly about a belief, you will contribute in whatever manner you can. Again, keep in mind no education is complete if you feel untouched over the sufferings of your fellow human beings.

Their generation enjoys boundless opportunities and possibilities to do good and make difference. Exciting indeed. Now I am beginning to miss my son even before he leaves. Time to keep myself busy.

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