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1, Jul 12, 2009

China Needs No Confirmation. Neither Do All of Us

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On the evening of 6/24, while I was reading Joseph Campbell’s A Hero with A Thousand Faces at Border’s with my daughter, a stranger initiated a conversation with me, telling me that he was studying Chinese now and how wonderful China was. I appreciate his kind expression of good-wish and friendliness. Yet, I cannot stop wondering how naive some people can be. He talked as if I needed to be confirmed and needed to be told how great China was, as if I cared how the world thinks about China. Sounded nicely condescending, leaving unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Somehow I have passed the age when I need this confirmation. And I think China also has passed this immature stage of development. She does not need anybody to tell her how she is and should not care any comments from outside. Just as America does not need to be told how great it is.

This friendly guy reminded me of the time when I was told how Americanized I had become, given to me as a compliment. Yes, I do need compliments like a little pupil! I know the world would be a lot sunny if people are not as sensitive as I am. Oh well, again, let truth stand.

Now I feel better after letting it off my chest.

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