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1, Mar 19, 2009

Can We Convert Our Useless Stuffs Into Cash?

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Last weekend, 3/14, I learned from a friend of mine that some of the Chinese that I know of just got laid off from Sprint’s recent massive RIF drive. Among them is a single mom with two young children. My thought has been with her all the time since I learned of the news. I know both of her children are like mine, involved in many extra curricular activities like music and sports. They also go to Sunday Chinese school here. How could she manage to pay her bills and all their activities now that she lost her job?

I have been to some of my friends’ houses before, with piano, treadmill, and plenty of toys, large and small, its crowdedness being so typical of average American families. I learned that some of them like shopping. I wish I had cash in hand instead of so many stuffs. Too bad this is only one-way traffic from cash to goods, that is, once you transform your hard-earned cash into stuffs taking up space of your house, you cannot convert them back to the same amount of cash you originally paid.

One of my neighbors often holds garage sale, trying to salvage some cash from all the junks that she once feels compulsive to buy — a rather time-consuming and futile activity. My children once commented how rich they were just from the amount of stuffs they bought. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot better if we had not bought these junks in the first place and not have to hold these garage sales?

Once again, bad economic time = good learning experience, only the tuition is too high for those who have to sell stuffs. I will make sure my children read this posting so that they can learn something without having to pay for the tuition. Cheaper by double.


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