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1, Feb 14, 2009

On Sub-title of Mom Write Blog

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My daughter said I should change the sub-title of the blog. She told me how it should be, so I did as she said. After that, I reflected on my writing, questioning myself, “Why did I start this blog? What is the purpose of writing at all?” Indeed, she is right. I have too many random thoughts to focus on one niche.

Before I started this weblog, my son told me to find my unique niche in this cyber community. I thought I had found it — my experience in raising American born Chinese children who are exposed to both American and Chinese cultures. Gradually, I blended my own experience in the blog, under the excuse of sharing with my children. Indeed, I find it hard to suppress my desire to share, every time I bump into a good book or make some noise when some ideas or thought crop out. Yes, you are right. I am making noise now.

From very beginning and all the way up to now, I have been immensely encouraged by friends, relatives, and very accepting readers — they keep coming back to my blog. I am keenly aware of my limitations in language and experience as a writer. Still, the thought of these lovely readers warms my heart, pampers my existence, and makes me going on like an Energizer Rabbit.

I would love to run like an Energizer Rabbit, capable of giving light and working ceaselessly. Yes, the desire to give light or share insight — the road thus far taken should have been paved with this lofty intention. Too bad I have not been so clearly dedicated so far. In the end, my mind is becoming clear as mud. Again, I will leave it to my children to find or give meanings to this writing experience.

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