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1, Jan 28, 2009

Why Is Money Important? What does money means?

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Here’s some random thought on the role of money in our lives and why we need to think twice before spending. We all know that money is not everything but nothing can be done without it. It cannot make one happy but one cannot be happy without it. Not so hard to figure that out, right? Here’s the twisted way of thinking about money or not that twisting.

(1) Money = time.
If you have money, you can choose between working and not working, between working full-time and working part-time. You certainly have more time for yourself if you choose not to work or work part-time. You can choose to spend time watching bird or waiting for a dog’s smile if you can afford that time. Or like the 25-year-old relative of ours, you can retire at age 40. If that’s the case and if you live up to 100 years, you have 60 years at your own disposal. More money = more time for you.

(2) Money = freedom.
If you have money, you have the freedom to choose where to live and where to work, like my children who are so eager to move to places like New York City, Boston, or anywhere that millionaires like to gather around. Or if you don’t like your job, you are free to leave and can afford to land any job you wish if you still want a job.

(3) Money = health
With money, you can afford to build a swimming pool in your backyard or basement and take a dive any time you want. Or enjoy a deluxe fitness club. Or have a personal fitness trainer to make your workout more fun and tolerable. I learned that some unemployed people have to give up some medically necessary tests and procedures for lacking of money. And it is a known fact that people at lower social level suffer from a large share of cancer morbidity and mortality.

(4) Money = comfort
With money, you can live in a spacious house and hire someone for your backbreaking cleaning and cooking needs. Or dine out anytime you please.

(5) Money = entertainment.
With money, you can travel anywhere you like, if that entertains you. Or drive a fancy car without worrying about gas price.

… and many many more possibilities …

Have you done exercise like this? A = B = C = D, if S = A, then we can say S = B = C = D. I know how preposterous it may appear. Try this exercise next time you want to exchange your money with some stuff in the store —

Known: money = time, freedom, health, comfort, and entertainment, therefore, the stuff you want to buy also = time, freedom, health, comfort, and entertainment. Ask yourself: is it as valuable as your time, freedom, health, comfort, and entertainment?

It is not just a penny saved = a penny earned, but = a fraction of time saved. That may be too much a challenge to some people’s imagination. At least we have some idea of the important role that money plays in our lives and give it a second thought when you are going to spend your hard-earned money.

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  1. mom and working…

    I can’t believe that I missed your point, I will have to do some research on this….

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