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1, Jan 4, 2009

How I Wish I Could Turn Clock Back

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W.B. Yeats’ often-quoted poem “The Second Coming” — “Things fall apart; The Centre Cannot Hold… ” This also accurately describes the feeling that a parent might experience when her/his children leave home. How you wish you could turn clock back. The cure is to laugh at yourself out and loud while keeping yourself busy.

Indeed, wasn’t I busy enough? After we got back from the airport, the girl got on the phone chatting away with her friend while I started cleaning the room till I cleaned everything out of my mind, as if I could. Then, the girl asked if her friend could come over. Sure, I could even go and fetch her. This I did. We later ended up in Border’s bookstore and spent the afternoon there. I had a stack of books by my side, which functions like a system of central support so that things would not fall apart.

My son called when he arrived in Cleveland, later called again when he emerged from the plane in Boston. Finally he called from his room at Fraternity house. It was after 6 PM. After that, each of us diligently went to attend our own business, though being far apart from each other. The nest won’t be empty or we won’t feel the emptiness if we could all be well-behaved like this. What a nice dream!

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