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1, Jan 3, 2009

A Return to “Normalcy” After My Son Leaves

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My son will be leaving for college tomorrow, the thought of which filled my mind with an instant emptiness. This will be the fourth time that he leaves home and I should have got used to life without. Still, this unspeakable meaninglessness won’t go away with the passing of time. Helping him packing has proved to be more than a physical challenge. Talk about endless motherhood! It is when I sent my own child away that I came to understand how my mother felt when I left her over two decades ago.

On the plus side, he has been home for nearly two weeks, better than nothing. We had many talks on as many topics as we could think of, leaving me so much to think about. And he has made efforts spending as much time with the family as possible, enough to stop any whining from me. Indeed, what else should a mother expect? I need to regain control as soon as possible so that life will return to “normalcy,” as President Warren Harding promised to the nation during his presidential campaign, though not with the same degree of terrible Harding dullness.

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