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1, Jan 13, 2009

A Grandma’s Story on the Power Of Purpose

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I want to share with my children and the reader this story told by the grandma. A primary teacher took a student for a walk around their school campus. They talkd while walking, drifting rather aimlessly around campus. It took them 15 minutes for them to complete their first circle. On the second circle, it took them 10 minutes. On the third circle, it took them less than 5 minutes to finish the same route. Why? Because the teacher told the student before the second circle, “This building is our destination.” They knew where they were going on the second time. “Let’s see who can get there faster,” said the teacher on their last run. This time the student had a goal and was also motivated by the desire to be the first one to reach it.

Don’t we have similar experience in our lives? We work in a more efficient manner when we are aware of a deadline or plunge more energy when we know where our efforts will lead to. Such a simple truth — work can be completed faster if we have a definite goal — can be applied to all parts of our lives. Many thanks to old grandma’s wisdom.

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