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1, Dec 7, 2008

Small World Yet So Far and Cold

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Yesterday morning, I was at SM East High, waiting for my daughter who was taking SAT. There were other Chinese parents waiting, too.  I saw one Chinese couple and had sensed they would rather be left alone, still I brazened out, trying to strike a conversation with them.  I kept asking them questions. They have two boys, the 20-year-old in Stanford and the 12-year-old in 7th grade, participating in Duke’s TIP. The older boy graduated from Blue Valley Northwest in 2006. The mention of BVNW reminded me of a boy, JM, who often played tennis with my son.  It turned out they knew JM and his family very well.

I further asked some more questions and found out they were not as unfamiliar as I initially thought. They never talked without being asked. I knew one of the couple. Their boy was even sitting next to my child during the exam. Yet, it was interesting to feel the distance when we were facing each other. Small world, far and cold.

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