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1, Dec 24, 2008

In Line With Holiday Spirit

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I have long made my stand clear to my children that Xmas is the season of giving, enjoying and reflecting the meaning of the season, not spending, expecting, over-indulging in food, and ending up with holiday stress, financially and physically.

The children grow up here and cannot be totally immuned from the influence and activities that were hustling around. Yesterday, my son announced that he was going to buy some gifts for the family. I reminded him that we did not have this tradition of unnecessary spending during holiday. He said, “Mom, I want to buy something for everybody just to keep up the holiday spirit.” I told him I did not need anything and the air ticket for him to fly home was my gift to him, and he only needed to get something for the little cousin and his sister.  I really live up to my reputation as a stingy mom.  Some people never change.

That he did yesterday evening. The little cousin huddled his new toy and kept shouting to his big cousin, “I love you.” I agreed it will help making the season more joyful, and putting smile on people’s face if they receive something during holiday.

Yet, I was a little bit concerned. Right now, my son spends parents’ money to buy gifts for everybody. I know he would borrow money from others if I said no. I wish in the future he is capable of boosting holiday mood with his own money instead of borrowing from others.

Living on borrowed money is really not in line with what I have taught him so far. Well, considering his good intention, I make an exception for him, also in line with holiday spirit.

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