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1, Nov 5, 2008

A president is as Great as He Wants to be

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Indeed, my prediction came true, a landslide victory for Democrats. One of the factors that has helped is the dissatisfaction with the incumbent administration. He took full advantage of this factor. Let me put in another way — the incumbent president helped tremendously defeating JM. Political battle is very relentless, pushing to the limelight of the world a young first-term senator who is little known 4 years old, dashing the 30-year long dream of the much well-known senior politician Clinton.

I remember my favorite president W. Wilson once said something like this, “A president is as great as he wants to be.” Indeed, we have seen presidents like W.G. Harding, C. Coolidge, H. Hoover in 1920s, the three least inspiring, most mediocre ones who only proved how incapable they could be and how wrong it was to push them into white house. And of course, we also have successful ones like TR, FDR, JFK, and B. Clinton. This elect has four more years to write his own history.

For us, we are writing our history everyday, just as great as anyone else.

By the way, there is something very amusing. At my current workplace people asked each other “Did you vote?” but no one asked “Who do you vote?” This is so different from the culture that I used to be in at Sprint, where people openly talked about their choices.

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  1. I know some companys have kind of rules no questions like “who do you vote?” in office.

    Comment by little_ant — 1, Nov 5, 2008 @ 2:51 pm

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