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1, Aug 30, 2008

Too much Explanation and Talking to Be Good

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I have read some books on child education. Thus I like to make noises about what I have learned and also explaining why I go about child issue this or that way. I really know how to make myself look and feel like a fresh-baked fool.

I was told that I could always find explanation or excuse for whatever I did. The message from this statement is: first, I have done too much explanations when I do not owe anyone any explanation at all.  Why have I explained at all?  See how confused I am sometimes.  The gatekeeper of my mouth must have gone dormant.

Second, I must have thought and reflected a lot upon my life’s experience, not that much though, and hence have found a lot to explain.  To be sure, it is not a bad thing only if I could keep it to myself or to the willing ears.

The moral lesson is: I have made tons of noise and explained more than I need to. I must have too much time to waste on talking or explaining. I cannot believe I have downgraded to this level. Shame on me. Actually, the moral lesson is: talk less but write more.

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