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1, Aug 14, 2008

School Worries

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School will begin tomorrow for SMSD 8th graders. With the children going back to school comes a mixed feeling. On the one hand, the children start school life, engaging in guided learning and developing academically and socially.  On the other hand, my worry starts and I have to make my child un-learn something that she learns at school. Why?


To be sure, children learn much more than you want them to learn at school. My daughter learns about new fashion clothes from her friends at school, then back home giving me no peace until she gets what she asked. She makes me understand if she does not dress this way she looks like a loser. This is certainly her definition of loser.  She told me the girls of her age at school wear this or that makeup and thus she wants it, too. From her conversations with her classmates, I can tell their good-humored raillery is too vulgar to my ears, jammed with bad language, highest affront to any respectful being. When I told her not to use these terms, she told me not to be old-fashioned mom.


Well, if old-fashioned means decency and good taste, I would rather have an old-fashioned child. Am I being a too old-fashioned mom or is it another form of cultural conflicts?

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  1. This is from a friend of mine after she read this posting. I thought she was right in a sense and she must be representative of some parents’ views. I will make some time for the TV show that she mentioned in her email.

    “It seems to me that you already have an attitude problem before you take her shopping. You and I, who don’t pay much attention to what we wear, are not common. How many girls don’t like to shop and how many don’t NEED more even they have enough? She is beautiful and she wants to be more beautiful. Do you blame her? Girls are girls. You should feel blessed that you have the financial ability to satisfy her AND she is doing really well academically. You are a very fortunate parent. I don’t know if you watch “Nanny”, a tv program that helps shape problem kids, real little ones, not teenagers.”

    Comment by admin — 1, Aug 15, 2008 @ 7:28 am

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