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1, Aug 31, 2008

No Shortcut to Olympic Glory

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I remember Karl Marx once said something like this, there is no shortcut to the glory of highest scientific achievement. Same can be said of almost everything — from parenting to Olympic medal. Some parents dream of having a wonderful and successful child without any significant and meaningful input on their part. This is like dreaming of an Olympic gold medal without going through the ordeal of training, as if the rule of “No pain, no gain” is not applicable to them.

I remember one of my not-too-close relatives spent chunks of time fishing while her son was young.  She really did not miss a day enjoying herself.  Now she still feeds and clothes the boy as he marches toward his thirties. Aren’t we smart enough to know that a parent just cannot fish a child into a successful being?

By the way, now the son of this relative talked about retiring at age 40, making me feel like a dumb fool still working at my senior age.

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