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1, Aug 5, 2008

No more whining Parents–You Reap What You Sow

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Mental confusion. The truth is an adult is mentally rated below a pre-school aged children when he resorts to physical abuse of the child. Because even a child of that early age knows that it is morally wrong to beat a small-size kid and we should not solve domestic problem with fists or other instruments like whip or club.  Such parents remain at the nursery mental level even when they reach age 80. The only hope for the children is to wait till they can match their parents in size and in muscle.

Selfish.  Yes, we are all selfish to certain extent. It’s not that bad as long as it does not involve others.  But parents that physically abuse their children are selfish because in essence they care nothing but their own pleasure at finding an outlet for their own emotional disturbance, a hedonic thrill at the expense of a minor.  By the way, yelling and shouting is another form of abuse, an assault on the mind and nerve.
I read somewhere that a child told his parents something like this, “If you don’t like my temper, think of the fact that it is you who has spoiled me when I was small.”  As for children riding on your neck urinating and defecating, you reap what you sow and eat whatever goes down on your neck if you make it happen.  Parents, stop being crying babies for what you deserve. Thank you for reading it.

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