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1, Aug 7, 2008

Like George W. Bush, Parents Like to Criticize

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This morning (8/7/08)  I heard of George W. Bush issuing blatant criticism on China. This instantly reminded me of what my daughter used to say to me when I made clamorous noise about what I thought to be undesirable. To which, she said, “Who ask your opinion?”

Indeed, just like GW. Bush I often give unwelcome criticism when I myself do not like to be criticized by anyone at all. Kong Fuzi or some other VIP once said: “Do not do unto others what you don’t want done to you.” This is the ethic of reciprocity, too much a common sense for me to dwell upon. Yet, each time I make criticism I violate this Golden Rule or maybe Silver Rule.

Sometimes, I catch myself acting like GW Bush and hold my tongue. But then I thought. Isn’t it the job of the parents to point out to their youngsters when we see them doing something that invites criticism?  Isn’t it harmful and negligent if we keep our month shut at moment like this?  Then we should say something or shouldn’t we?

See I am sometimes mentally confused, too, though only for a second.

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